Friday, August 26, 2011

Remington's 1st Birthday Bash!!!

My sweet little baby turned 1 last week. He is growing up so fast and its hard on me. I just want him to stay the cute little baby that he is...but obviously he is no longer that little baby! I had 500+ pictures taken at the party...hense the billion pictures that are in this post. But I wanted to try to document it the best I could!


The Birthday Boy himself...And dont worry Crew had plenty of fun himself!Family Pics...

The Food....8 ft long sub, chips, 3 kinds of cupcakes, sugar cookies, tons of candy, popcorn, nachos, cotton candy....So more like Junk then Food!The Activities....swimming, pony rides, photo booth, and the balloon guy, who pretty much stole the show!!!

The guests...well most of them! The photo booth was way fun but was even better at documenting almost everyone who came!

After lots and lots of time and prepartion (put by almost every member of my family) it was a success!!! Happy Birthday little man! Dont grow up too fast....please!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of Summer California Trip

Well the first week in August my parents got us all a beach house in Oceanside. We enjoyed spending time with family, being walking distance to the beach, going to a pirate show, SeaWorld, and Disneyland all in a week. It was jam packed, but very fun!!!