Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 8,2008

Crew just chillin. He just woke up and is a little out of it! He loves sleeping with his hands above his head too!

Since Crew has a cowboy nursery we thought he needs a little cowboy outfit!

Crew sitting up at Nanas on the pack and play watching tv! He loves the tv as you can see!

Since Savannah is having a girl she loves trying things on Crew when Cory and I arent around! If Cory knew half the stuff Crew has tried on for Savannah he would be livid!

I havent posted in so long and I havent been taking many pictures. But here are a few of Crew within the past few weeks. Sorry if they arent that clear. They are pictures from my phone. Also sorry Cory and I arent in any of the pictures! We will get some pictures with all of us in them soon! Enjoy!