Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pre-Easter...After Easter

I promise there is a reason for posting these pictures so late...a week of activities is alot of pictures and I was just dreading I'll do a little at a time!

We started Easter on Monday night with a Easter Feast, a special FHE lesson, dying easter eggs, and eating sugar cookies...

Then...a easter package from Cory's mom! Crew loved everything in it, and Remington loved eating everything in it!

Saturday we had the Allen family Easter party. Lots of food, Lots of people, and Lots of fun! We relaxed while Stetson took Crew on the egg hunt and Holly held Remington pretty much the whole time! Crew also enjoyed swimming with all the kids!

Now....hopefully I can post the pictures of Easter day and Easter night sometime this week!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ahhh....a vacation!

Cory and I had a great vacation this past week. It was so fun to spend time with one another and to relax! I was able to finish 3 books! We had lots of fun in Mexico, eating, laying out, playing cards, and just being together! We definatly missed the boys! But as I watched a few other moms on the boat carrying one child and pushing a stroller with the other child I was glad that wasnt me! Maybe when they get a little older!!!

We decided to go parasailing in Cabo. It was lots of fun! We just tried not to listen to the creeking sounds or look at the frayed ropes the whole time!

I had to get a pic with this pirate for Crew!

Dinner was fun....usually. We had interesting people with us. But it was fun to have a nice sit down dinner...without kids every night. Cory pretty much ate a steak every single night, I had just about everything!

Cory's Favorite Towel Animal...the crab

My Favorite Towel animal....the monkey!