Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 2 Big Boys!!!

Well, both my boys hit a milestone last week. Remington started eating rice cereal (I cant believe he is already 5 months!) and Crew got Potty trained!

Remington didnt know what to do when I squished him into the bumbo...kinda freaked...kinda cried! He also didnt know what to do with his tounge and didnt really know how to swallow. But he is doing better now and getting the hang of it. He loves to grab the spoon and put his fingers in his mouth too. I thought it would make him "sleep better through the night" but it had the opposite effect. I fed him at 7:30, bathed him, and got him ready for bed. But he was wired! He was wide awake, kicking his legs, and ready to party...until about midnight. Thats when I was like uhhh your going to bed! And he still has been having the same effect to it. So Im doing it in the morning and then at dinner to see what happens!

(wired...cant you tell by those eyes!)

Then there is I love this boy! He is hilarious! He thinks he is soooo cool now with his undies on! He has a new strut! He has only had a few accidents and even went to a basketball game with my dad a few nights ago and went to the bathroom several times with him. He also went by himself in nursery! (which I have been stressin' about!) He loves getting toys when he goes poop. Soo...he goes 4 times each day (even if its microscopical) so he can get 4 toys. I swear the boy already knows how to munipulate me! He wanted Pirate undies..which I swear are none existent. So if anyone knows where to find them pleeeease let me know!

Cory went out of town last weekend so Crew and I went and got the his undies and yes he thinks he is soo cool! He always has to have some kind of boots on when he goes outside (he has 3 different pairs) and his shovel and bucket to get the eggs!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

another christmas post

Warning-longest post ever!!!
I know I am a month late. But I wanted to post them anyways so my mother-in-law could see them! Here are a few of our Christmas activities. Visiting santa at bass pro, peter piper (bc we couldnt go back to see santa until 8:30), Banks Family talent show, and Allen Family Christmas Party.

Bass Pro:
This santa was pretty affectionate I might add. He kissed Remington a couple of times and did the same with my 2 year old niece. It was pretty weird (you can tell by Crew's face that he thought the same thing) but we visited him and thats all that matters!

Next, Peter Piper:
Dont worry I won the JACKPOT and all the kids were coming around to check out what all the camotion was about. And dont worry we pretty much bought the whole ticket store with our winnings!

Next, Banks Family Talent Show:
My grandpas birthday is close to Christmas so he asks us to do a talent show for him. My family usually doesnt do much (except for my little sister Sophie who does a dance or throws a flip or two) so this year my mom decided that we would do the nativity. Cory and I were Mary and Joseph. Remington was baby Jesus and Crew was a lamb (which he wasnt too excited about!)

My niece Leesies Birthday:

Allen family Christmas Party:
This year we went to a train park that is covered with lights. It was fun being with the family. Unfortnatly the lines were hours long and you had to wait in a huge line to just get a ticket to ride too. So we enjoyed eating dinner and being with the family. Until these random charaters showed up. Crew thought he was back at Disneyland! Aunt Sophie took Crew and Leesie around to see them all. They are both IN LOVE with Sophie. Best Aunt EVER!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disneyland Christmas 2010

This year for Christmas my parents gift to us was a trip to Disneyland. We all left the day after Christmas and had a blast! It was ridiculously crowded, but that just gave us more of an excuse to buy a season pass to go back in a month or two! Crew loves Disneyland and getting all the characters to sign his book. He acts shy around them, but then cant stop talking about how "goofy signed his book!" I think going to Disneyland with your own kids is such an amazing experience. Seeing them so happy just makes the whole place even better then it was when I was a kid! Thanks mom and dad for taking us. We loved it!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

I was seriously so excited for Christmas morning this year. Crew would ask every morning if it was Christmas. Finally it was! Crew opened his stocking and found this sword and he didnt care about anything else. He didnt even care about opening gifts. He would ask us to open them for him. I was so surpised and sad! But it taught me a lesson. Pay $10 and get him a sword and he will be happy! Next year Ill have to take note of that! That explains why I dont really have any pictures of him opening gifts! We just finished opening his gifts the other day actually! We also got Crew a trampoline for Christmas which he loved! We had a great Christmas!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trips to the Zoo

With the weather being nice here recently we have been able to make a few trips to the zoo. Cory had a few days off of work so we went with him. Also a few weeks ago I took the boys and my niece Leesie to the zoo. Crew has so much fun at the zoo!