Monday, November 15, 2010

Disneyland Trip

The Boys and I hit up Disneyland Thursday-Sunday. Cory’s sister was up there for the week so we were able to stay with her and enjoy spending time with them. We all had lots of fun! It was the beginning of their holiday celebrations so they changed the whole small world ride to Christmas and put up lights on the outside. It was amazing! And I loved hearing the Christmas music playing, seeing the Christmas trees, and watching the Christmas parades!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Remington's Baby Blessing

Cory blessed this sweet little boy on Sunday. Everything went perfect, everyone was there, and I enjoyed every second of it! Cory did an amazing job and Remington was an angel. We somehow forgot to take pictures at the church of everyone. But were able to get some pictures at a brunch after that my mom did! Thanks for everything mom!

Cory's family was able to come into town for the weekend for it. Crew was in heaven playing with his cousins 24-7! We ate lots of yummy food and had lots of fun!

Great-Grandpa and Grandma Banks

Nana and Doo Da

Crew jumped the whole time. So we couldnt get a decent family pic or one of Crew!

Grandpa and Nana Simmons

Uncle Matt and Aunt Stacey (corys sister)

Uncle Stetson and Aunt Holly (my brother)

Payton, Crew and Landon

Fun at Jumpstreet!

We had a very fun and eventful weekend!

Proud Father Moment

A couple of weeks ago we went up the the mountains. It felt so good up there and we just enjoyed being together. I realized that Cory was at his happiest being up in the mountains with his family. Remington and I layed in the hammock while Cory and Crew gathered some firewood for our firepit at home. Then Cory taught Crew how to shoot a BB Gun. Crew and Cory were in heaven. I was a little scared having my 2-year old son carrying around a gun (even though it was locked) and learning how to shoot a gun at such a young age. But they both loved it. Crew still shows people his paper plate that he shot.

Halloween 2010

Better Late then Never Right!!??
Well we had a very fun and eventful Halloween! We had a Halloween party at our house and ate lots of good food, had lots of fun, and enjoyed having everyone in our home. Unfortunatly, Cory never actually put on his buzz costume, but he was Buzz, I was Jessie and Crew was woody..and Remington was a little giraffe. I had bought him the little alien guy costume, but he looked so cute as a giraffe that I just kept him in that. Here are a few of the many pictures taken Halloween weekend.

Halloween Costume Winners!

The Money Game!

The Winner!