Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Home Evening

Crew had his 1st Bowling experience Monday night for FHE. We started the night with pizza,wings, and garlic bread at a pizza place near by and then went to the bowling alley. And Crew was estatic the second we walked in! He loved wearing the shoes, carrying the ball, rolling the ball, and seeing the pins go down! It was sure fun to watch his excitement! (And don't mind the pizza faces and the naptime hair...at this point I was glad that we were all there and happy!)

He then put his game face on...no messing around here! Remington was happy as ever! Cory was a pro like always! Crew loved waiting for his ball and getting it BY HIMSELF...he let us know many times that he could do it alone!

I promise we did get him out of his car seat! He was just so content in there that we milked it for as long as we could!

"Two boys" (as crew would say)
ya...I don't think normal people do this in the bowling alley
And here he is in action!
Thinking he is THE COOLEST thing EVER!!!

And unfortunatly he has got us fooled...because we do think he is the coolest thing ever!

We love Crew and the excitement he brings to our family.....and I cannot wait to see Remington's personality continue to grow! We sure have fun as a family! And Im loving every second of it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Puppies...

My mom's dog had 4 puppies a few weeks ago. Crew thinks it is his dog and that the white puppy is his. (which I dont mind because his dog fix is taken care of) He loves to go check on his puppy, whitey (which he named) all the time. Remington cannot control himself when he sees the puppies he starts kicking like a maniac and waving his arms fast enough until he can touch a puppy. And that is why my mom is holding his arms down in the pic below. Now I can only imagine what is going to take place when the puppies are gone...( and whitey has already been picked by the dad's family)

Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patty's Day

For St. Patricks Day we started off by heading to the zoo with my nieces, but the line was to the parking lot and so I decided to take a little de-tour and ended up getting McDonalds and having a picnic at the park. The kids were still in heaven and it was a great day outside.
We ended the day with green eggs, pancakes and sugar cookies! Cory and I didnt eat much of the actual food (since not many green things are very appetizing) but its the thought that counts!right!??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Pics

Here are some random pictures (taken with my phone, unfortunatly) from the past week.

A trip to the zoo with my sister and her girls:

This little sweet boy got tired so he enjoyed relaxing in the bottom of my jogging stroller, what a angel boy...i just love him and his cute little face!

Crew is a pirate...thats all I can say. He wears this jack sparrow hat that my aunt gave him every single day. He always has a knife that he got from disneyland on his belt and a sword or two in his hand! He loves playing peter pan on the tramp (in his undies) everynight with his dad!

and, these two little boys make me so happy! Crew loves making Remington laugh and I love seeing my 2 little boys happy together...definatly one of the joys of being a mother!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Millies Birthday...and a flash back...

One of the amazing traditions that my mom started is that she throws her grandbabies their 1st Birthday Party. And if any of you know my mom you know that she throws THE BEST parties ever! She goes all out. And with no exception thats what she did for sweet little Millie's 1st Birthday Party. Millie is the type of baby that when you see her you just want to squeeze her....to death...and that is pretty much what I do everytime I see her! We had a petting zoo come and food galore! Which brought back memories of Crew's 1st Birthday party so I couldnt help but post some pictures of his 1st Birthday. I can't believe how grown up Crew is!

And then here is some pics from Crew's 1st birthday.
1st of all: Im glad Crew has grown into his eyes!
2nd of all: what in the heck was I thinking spiking his hair that high!

and then one of my love...I can't believe how young...i mean sexy...he looks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another great Disneyland Trip!

We ventured off the Disneyland this past weekend. We had a great time. This time was extra special because we stayed in one of the Disneyland Hotels and got to have breakfast with the characters! We had a blast! Picture overload...but who couldnt have one when you go on a trip!
loved spending time with his Nana and aunts
loved eating multiple churros
loved getting his book signed and eating with the characters
loved going on the Monsters Inc ride...ten times...
loved seeing all the lights and bright colors on all the rides
loved eating his first churro
loved being with his Nana
loved all the characters and couldn't stop staring at them
loved spending time with my boys
loved being with my mom
loved having intimate moments talking with my sisters
loved staying and eating at the Disneyland Hotel