Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Fun

We have already had a fun summer and its just beginning! We are heading to Utah over the 4th and are very excited! Here are some pictures of a few things we have enjoyed doing so far...
Crew loves his car and he loves popsicles
Aunt Haley takes Crew for rides on her scooter and he cries when he has to get off!

We have enjoyed going to a couple Diamondbacks games as a family

We went to one of Stetsons training games

Stetson getting ready to bat

We have gone to Payson two far...

Crew trying to help Cory fix some water tank (Cory loves hunting and he found this water tank and is trying to fix it so it will attract elk or something, dont ask me I just go along for the support!)

Crew loved just chillin on this stump! He thought it was HIS personal chair!

Cory and Crew

All ready to go!

Crew loved walking around and playing in the dirt

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go Dodgers!

Yesterday my brother Stetson got drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers! We are all so excited for him and Holly! We are proud of you Stets and we love you! Go Dodgers!