Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Circus Is In Town...

Last night we were able to go out to dinner and to the circus! We had so much fun! Crew loved the whole show and loved all the perks that go along with the circus! I loved the elephants so thats where I took most of my pictures. Cant wait for it to come again!

The New Baby was so cute!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A BIG Day at the Bendixens!

There is a guy at Cory's work who has chickens and has been taking to Cory about them for a week or so. Cory has mentioned it once to me and then all the sudden today he was like for fhe can we go get some chicks for Crew. I was like uhh sure if you help clean up the mess! So Cory got home from work early and we went and picked up these 4 chicks. Crew is so scared to hold them, but loves watching them! (I was so scared that he would squeeze them to death so hopefully he is always scared the hold them) So here are a few pics of Crew looking, video taping, and kissing the 1st Bendixen pet(s)!

 I decided that this week was the week to start potty training! I wanted to do it before the baby came and the earlier the better so he wouldnt go back to his old ways when the baby came. I got all the underwear (buzz, woody, nemo, lightning mcqueen) and this was the potty of choice! We went to the library together and picked out a potty training dvd and 4 books to read today and tonight to prep Crew for the BIG day...tomorrow. Well we were at home and Crew said "where potty" and I went and grabbed it and put it in the family room while the potty movie was on and all the sudden he was going! Cory and I got so excited and Crew was even more excited! So tomorrow we will work on it all day and hopefully he will be all set within a few days! I really hope it is this easy....but im sure it wont be! haha

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer with Aunt Sophie

One of my goals this summer is to take Crew to do atleast 1 really fun thing each week. Well we have been living it up and we have been doing practically 1 fun thing a day! We go to Sunsplash twice a week, swimming, another waterpark, and much more. Last weekend I babysat my little bro and sisters while my parents were gone. So we decided to go to Sunsplash one day and Jeepers the other day. Crew loved spending time with aunt Sophie! Crew had fun going on rides, playing games, playing in the jungle gym and just being with Sophie! Here are some pics from Jeepers and I'll post pics from Sunsplash later this week!

(Crew literally passes out after swimming everyday!)

Hope your enjoying summer as much as us!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

summer hair cut

Well we decided to give Crew his summer hair cut! Here are a few pictures of him. He now has the same hair cut as his dad! haha It has been hard to get good pictures of this crazy and very active 2 year old! We have been going swimming everyday and having lots of fun! I sure love this little boy!