Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its Halloween Time!

Last night after both the boys had their baths I put them in their Halloween Pjs. They looked so cute! I thought I would put them in their pjs early so they could wear them a few times! We read some Halloween books last night and today. We are all ready for Halloween to come! I cant wait!

My Boys

Well here is a tour of our house's Halloween decor! Crew and I had fun setting everything up...he only broke a few things! He loves halloween already just like his mom. I also just realized that the tour is backwards, but Im way too lazy to change it! Enjoy! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I have 3 windows by the kitchen table and they have these in them

the kitchen table

I promise the candles were once straight!

end table

Pot rack

the counter

half of the counter

other half

Our arch way right when you walk in

Our Front Door