Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well... I had a fabulous Birthday! It started off last Thursday, my mom and my sisters all went shopping for Savannah and my birthday. We found some very cute dresses at J. Crew that my mom got for us. Then Friday, my parents took our family to dinner and to see Wicked! It was so amazing and we had a great time. Then Saturday morning my husband woke me up with a little love note saying that he made hotel reservations in Palm Springs, California and that my family would be babysitting Crew while we went on a Shopping Spree! We had fun going out to lunch, shopping all day long, going to dinner, and going to a movie. without Crew. I missed my little boy so much, but it was relaxing being able to spend time with Cory and not having to chase Crew around everywhere. We slept in Sunday and went to breakfast and then headed home. Monday unforntually I had to get a root canal. But my mom watched Crew and Cory took great care of me when he got home from work. Tuesday I went out to breakfast with my mom, Stetson, and Holly. Then went to Stetson's game later that night. Today is my actual birthday and I had a great day. Full of eating, shopping, and having fun! Went to Joes Farm House for breakfast, then to krispy kreme for my free dozen donuts, shopping, then to Joes BBQ for lunch, then shopping and more shopping. I figured I would hit up all the FREE birthday meals since I can only do it once a year! Then out to dinner with Cory for my FREE burger from Red Robin. The best part about my day was that I got a pair of BCBG shoes that were normally $110 for only $17!! I had an amazing birthday! The big 21!