Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Utah/California Vacas

Last week we headed to Utah Thurs-Sunday to visit Corys family. It was a fun quick trip and the boys loved the attention that they got when they were there! The next day the boys and I headed to Disneyland with my mom and sisters. I sure do love Disneyland and I think the boys enjoy it too! Crew wore his halloween pirate costume for 3 days straight! I thought he might start out growing the pirate phase...but it seems to be getting stronger and stronger!

I had so much fun with my younger sisters! Late night runs to starbucks and krispy kreme and dancing in the car! I love them so much and love even more that they love my boys almost as much as I do!

The boys got their hair cut before we headed to Utah. It made me realize how big Remington is getting. But doesnt he look cute! The car ride to Utah was definatly the low-point of the whole vacation, but it was definatly worth seeing family and friends! Crew still hasnt stopped talking about how much fun he had with his cousins and Nana and Pa.

Recent Home Improvement Projects!

My kitchen has never been my favorite room in the house...I never really mentioned it to Cory because I thought that I would sound ungrateful (which it definatly would!) But 1 Saturday as we ran to Home Depot as a family to grab some stuff Cory mentioned re-doing the cabinets! I was estatic! He told me that I better hurry and do it before he changed his mind. I got on the phone that day and starting getting bids and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the final bids were given and we started the next Monday! I listed my appliances on Craigslist and sold them faster than I thought. Which really meant that this was happening and that we needed appliances if I was going to cook!

The next month Cory went out of town hunting and the projects continued to the guest bath...and the projects havent stopped since. Next up, master bed and bath! I think Cory is starting to regret this can of worms that he opened by allowing me to do the kitchen!

Bathroom: Before

Bathroom: After

Kitchen: Before...without the white appliances that I already sold!

Kitchen sink: Before

Kitchen sink: After (absolutly LOVE my sink! worth the extra $$ for sure!)

Kitchen: After (sorry pics taken with phone!)

Bendixen Family Athletics

Our Family has had some athletic events happen recentlty. Cory went on his annual hunting trip and got this big Buck and he was pretty dang excited. I participated in my 1st Triathalon. Crew started playing soccer. And we enjoyed some family time at the lake!

The boys absolutly love the lake. Crew always wants to go on the tube and wants to go faster. And Remington is just relaxing or sleeping on the boat.

Crew loves soccer and he is pretty good at it too! He scores atleast a goal a game. He has had alot of family come out and support him, the bigger the crowd the better. This kid is a performer!!!

My sister, Savannah invited me to do a triathalon with her. So I started training. I had alot of fun training for it and had even more fun in the race. This definatly wont be my last. I ended up taking 3rd place in my age group (19-24) and I beat the time that I wanted to get! Im glad that I did it and was able to do it with Savannah!