Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Home Improvement Projects!

My kitchen has never been my favorite room in the house...I never really mentioned it to Cory because I thought that I would sound ungrateful (which it definatly would!) But 1 Saturday as we ran to Home Depot as a family to grab some stuff Cory mentioned re-doing the cabinets! I was estatic! He told me that I better hurry and do it before he changed his mind. I got on the phone that day and starting getting bids and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the final bids were given and we started the next Monday! I listed my appliances on Craigslist and sold them faster than I thought. Which really meant that this was happening and that we needed appliances if I was going to cook!

The next month Cory went out of town hunting and the projects continued to the guest bath...and the projects havent stopped since. Next up, master bed and bath! I think Cory is starting to regret this can of worms that he opened by allowing me to do the kitchen!

Bathroom: Before

Bathroom: After

Kitchen: Before...without the white appliances that I already sold!

Kitchen sink: Before

Kitchen sink: After (absolutly LOVE my sink! worth the extra $$ for sure!)

Kitchen: After (sorry pics taken with phone!)


Jen said...


kelsey bang said...

i LOVE the darker cabinets and silver! So awesome! Great choices! Looks fantastic!

Nick and Jen said...

Looks great! LOVE it!