Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Utah/California Vacas

Last week we headed to Utah Thurs-Sunday to visit Corys family. It was a fun quick trip and the boys loved the attention that they got when they were there! The next day the boys and I headed to Disneyland with my mom and sisters. I sure do love Disneyland and I think the boys enjoy it too! Crew wore his halloween pirate costume for 3 days straight! I thought he might start out growing the pirate phase...but it seems to be getting stronger and stronger!

I had so much fun with my younger sisters! Late night runs to starbucks and krispy kreme and dancing in the car! I love them so much and love even more that they love my boys almost as much as I do!

The boys got their hair cut before we headed to Utah. It made me realize how big Remington is getting. But doesnt he look cute! The car ride to Utah was definatly the low-point of the whole vacation, but it was definatly worth seeing family and friends! Crew still hasnt stopped talking about how much fun he had with his cousins and Nana and Pa.


kelsey bang said...

Love all of these pictures! I also love that your boys love the pickles at disneyland. I think that is one of my favorite parts of disneyland to!

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